Folding Diagrams for the Cherry Blossom
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Dedicated to Cherry Ogata.

The cherry blossom is a high-intermediate model that takes 20-40 minutes to make.
These diagrams show how to make a life-sized model.
For better results, start with a larger paper.
(A 6 inch square can be cut down to a pentagon with sides 3.6 inches long.
Diagrams for folding a pentagon are available here at FOLDS.NET)

The instructions should be easy to follow. If they give you any difficulty, please let me know.
This web version has 4 pages: Steps 1-9, 10-20, 21-27, and 28-35.

Diagrams for steps 1-9.
  1. Start with a regular pentagon, green side up, petal (white) side down.
    Collapse the model into a 5-sided analog of the waterbomb base, green side out.
  2. Valley fold the two (upper-most) folded edges to the centerline.
  3. Unfold.
  4. Valley fold the two (upper-most) cut edges to the centerline.
  5. Unfold.
  6. Valley fold from point-to-point. The model will become three-dimensional.
  7. Unfold.
  8. Book fold, front and rear.
  9. Repeat steps 2-8 on the other four sides.

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