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General Remarks

According to Berne's Guide to Etiquette, (also known as copyright law), politeness dictates that authors cite their sources. Thus, you get the following footnotes:

Jasper's web pages are copyright 1995-2001 by John Paulsen. Nearly all of the contents are my own work. Exceptions are noted where the work appears, or on this page under "Credits for various features." Wherever possible, I have obtained permission to include the cited works in these web pages.

For example, the quotation from Robert Haney's Caged Dragons is cited where it occurs, and specific consent was obtained for its inclusion here.

The Tolkien and Foster quotations constitute fair use: they are short, properly cited, and intended as positive book reviews.

The first edition of Marcel Tolkowsky's Diamond Design was published in 1919 in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is in the public domain, at least in the United States. My work is NOT in the public domain, however.

When known, the creator, folder, and photographer of each model in the origami menagerie is listed on the credit page for that model.

As of December 15, 1995, all steps and images in the origami tutorial were composed, folded and photographed by me. Various individuals assisted with the origami photography; if they so requested, their names are listed with the photographs they shot.

I made two icons for the navigation row at the bottom of this and other pages. I created the castle house icon using xpaint. It is loosely based on a real house in upstate New York. The skunk icon belongs to the origami menagerie; it has its own credits page.

Credits for Various Features

The following icons are only cited here, for convenience:

left arrow right arrow   miniature right arrow    butterfly     inkwell

The arrows were created by Celine Chamberlin, and are used with permission.

The untransparentized version of the pointing hand is in the public domain, according to Tony Sanders of Berkeley Software Design, Inc. The transparentized hand is also freely accessible.

The butterfly was copied from Jumpstart Communications, and is used with permission.

The inkwell is modified from Anthony Thyssen, and is used with permission.

Blue Jay Chick Eeyore Doll Raccoon Doll Elephant Drawing

The blue jay was photographed by Michael Myers, and is used with permission.

Eeyore and the raccoon are from the Stuffed Animal World catalog, and are used with permission.

The elephant is sampled from "The Animal Kingdom Disk", by:

John S. Kostick
P.O. Box 640765
Uleta, FL 33162

The ( ) is from the NCSA distribution.

The background is from the Vocal Tec pages.

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