Folding Diagrams for the Cherry Blossom
p. 4 of 4 (Steps 28-35)

Diagrams for steps 28-35.
  1. Crimp a gap between two petals out of the way, into the interior of the model.
  2. Tuck the crimp into the pocket at its right.
  3. Fold down the petal at the right of the crimp.
    This fold locks step 29.
  4. Rotate 72 degrees.
  5. Repeat steps 28-31 on the remaining four sides.
  6. Insert a finger or chopstick about 40% of the way down the bowl of the flower. Twist the stem closed.
  7. Sharply curl the petals up.
    Optionally, you can open-sink the tips.
  8. The finished cherry blossom.

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