Jasper's Origami Menagerie

Some of my favorite models are shown below.
You can look at examples, or galleries of related models.
All images are reasonably sized and are fully referenced.
Origami links and instructions are at the bottom of this page.

The Galleries:

Each gallery shows several models.

[ Mammals | The Aviary | Bugs, Spiders, etc. ]

[ The Jungle Books | A.A. Milne | Reptiles ]

[ Symbols | Objects | The Dark Side ]

Some Examples:

Here are just a few of the forty photographs on display in the galleries.

Other Origami Information on the Web:

   If you want to learn more about paper folding, three good sources are:
  1. The FOLDS.NET Links to Origami Diagrams on the Web,

  2. Joseph Wu's diagram links, and
  1. Eric Andersen's fantastic origami page.
    From Eric's page, you can visit many other origami pages and clubs,
    or join the origami mailing list.

    You can also search the archives,
    courtesy of Joseph Wu and Anne LaVin.

Are you looking for diagrams in a book?
Fascinating Folds has a search engine that can find any model in any available book (that is currently in-print).

Do you like to fold with friends?
The West Coast Origami Guild is one of several origami clubs on the West Coast.
Origami USA lists some other clubs.

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