Folding Diagrams for Jasper's Box
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Jasper's Box is an intermediate model that takes 10-20 minutes to make.
The proportions of this one-piece box are adjustable, as described in the notes after step 29.
It is an excellent gift box, especially if (wet-)folded from sturdy paper.
This web version has 3 pages: Steps 1-12, 13-23, and 24-29.
The instructions should be easy to follow. If they give you any difficulty, please let me know.

Diagrams for steps 1-12.
  1. Start with a square, colored side up. Fold a waterbomb base, colored side out.
  2. Unfold to the original square.
  3. Turn over, so the white side is up.
  4. Fold up a strip along the bottom. The width of the strip should be roughly 1/12 of the paper height.
  5. Mountain fold, and turn over.
  6. Valley fold a strip to match the rear as closely as possible.
  7. Undo the mountain fold.
  8. Fold in the sides, to match the top and bottom as closely as possible.
  9. Blintz fold through all layers.
  10. Rotate 45 degrees, and turn over.
  11. Fold the bottom edge nearly, but not quite, to the centerline.
    (Other variations are possible, as described in the notes after step 29.)
    Repeat steps 5-7 to make the top valley fold match the bottom valley fold as closely as possible.
  12. Unfold step 11.

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