The Dark Side

Showing Underexposed Origami Photos

I am upgrading the origami pages. The Origami Menagerie has lots of bright, clear photographs of finished models, and the Origami Tutorial will have clear instructions for how to make many of them. During the revision, I will be fixing many of the darker photographs. Soon, the menagerie will regain improved copies of the following images:

LEFT: The anteater slurps up its prey.
CEN. LEFT: Roo is out of Kanga's pocket in this picture.
CEN. RIGHT: This tigger has bleached his stripes.
RIGHT: The mammoth is a wonderful beast. This particular model can represent any of four kinds, all exceedingly rare. The oliphaunt and the mammoths are virtually extinct. A Jumbo elephant is from Africa. Hathi is the Indian elephant in the Jungle Books. Any mammoth makes a wonderful mathom.

LEFT: The violinist is my sister's favorite model.
CENTER: The knight is in shining armor.
RIGHT: The crab can be split in half by overly aggressive folding.

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