The Aviary

Showing Origami Birds

LEFT: The bald eagle is America's national symbol.
CENTER: The songbird is a natural flautist.
RIGHT: The parrot is an extra fancy songbird.

LEFT: The crane is a traditional Japanese design.
CENTER: The pegasus flies across the Northern Hemisphere at night. Lang's model has a gimmick double-rabbit ear in the middle of the paper.
RIGHT: This seagull model can flap its wings.

LEFT: The goose takes its summer vacations in Canada.
CENTER: The blue jay loves to raid cherry trees.
RIGHT: The penguin swims in the Southern Hemisphere.

LEFT: The hummingbird drinks from flowers.
RIGHT: The cuckoo clock is an origami model of a Swiss model of a bird that models other birds....
The clock has a fiendish number of folds in it.

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