The Iris Instructions

 1)    -->
      Begin by making a waterbomb base.

 2)    -->
      Valley fold, and unfold, one flap.

 3)    -->
      Squash fold the flap.

 4)    -->
      Petal fold the flap.

 5)    -->
      Book fold the flap in half.

 6)    -->
      Repeat steps 2-5 on the remaining three flaps.

 7)    -->
      Turn the model right side up.

 8)    -->
      Book fold one front flap to the right; fold one rear flap to the left.

 9)    -->
      Valley fold the lower edges in. The exact amount is not important; I personally prefer that the edge nearly, but not quite, reach the centerline. This step locks the model. Repeat on the other three sides.

10)    -->
      Valley fold the four petals down.

11)    -->
      Curl the petals.

Joseph Wu maintains an archive of origami diagrams. Most of the illustrations are in PostScript. The dozens of models include a dragon, mammals, insects, and birds.

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