The preying mantis was folded and photographed by John Paulsen.

This model was created by R.J. Lang. The diagrams may be found in the Origami Interest Group's PostScript diagram archive. The seven pages of diagrams total 100 steps. When you get to step 43, be careful lest you tear the paper.

Joseph Wu supplies the following information:

"Postscript files are meant to be printed on a Postscript printer. If you don't have a Postscript printer, you can use a Postscript decoding program such as Ghostscript. A copy of the Windows version of Ghostscript can be found at the archive site.

"NOTE: These diagrams may be reproduced only for personal use, and may not be redistributed or republished in any way without the express written consent of the diagrammer (who holds the copyright) or of the creator."

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