The Iris Instructions

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 1)       Begin by making a
waterbomb base.
 2)       Valley fold, and unfold, one flap.
 3)       Squash fold the flap.
 4)       Petal fold the flap.
 5)       Book fold the flap in half.
 6)       Repeat steps 2-5 on the remaining three flaps.
 7)       Turn the model right side up.
 8)       Book fold one front flap to the right; fold one rear flap to the left.
 9)       Valley fold the lower edges in. The exact amount is not important; I personally prefer that the edge nearly, but not quite, reach the centerline. This step locks the model. Repeat on the other three sides.
10)       Valley fold the four petals down.
11)       Curl the petals.

Joseph Wu maintains an archive of origami diagrams. Most of the illustrations are in PostScript. The dozens of models include a dragon, mammals, insects, and birds.

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